New Painting Instructor

March 23, 2010

Hello Practio’s,

I have recently been attending the talks with candidates for the painting position . I enjoyed Jonathan Faber. He has really interesting work and he spoke well of himself. Unlike most candidates, he showed lots of student work that he had taught from the past few years of his Teaching career. I thought Blade Wynne has really interesting work as well. I think its important that we check out these candidates for the younger as well as upcoming thesis students. In 10 hours, Tommy will give his speech. What do you guys think  of the candidates, and who do you think is best suitable for the position, and do you think its important that our instructors are not only knowledgable but inspiring mentors.



Final Painting Candidate coming this Tuesday

March 22, 2010

Last week, Blade Wynne visited the School of Art and Design, and many had the opportunity to get to know him. If you missed it, check out his website here. Hopefully his work will make you want to go outside and paint.

We have our fourth and final candidate arriving this Tuesday, Tommy Fitzpatrick. Tommy received his MFA in 1993 from Yale. He was born in Dallas and went to undergraduate at UT Austin. He currently resides in Arlington, and shows regularly at Inman Gallery in Houston. Check out his website here.

Tommy’s general talk is on Tuesday, March 23, at 12:30 in room 2121 of Art and Design. He also has a meet-and-greet with students at 4:00pm, in the lobby in front of the gallery on the second floor. Don’t miss this last chance to see how the process of applying for a job happens, and to meet a very interesting artist.

The Life of a Studio Assistant

March 12, 2010

Post by Rocky
From the Art21 blog:

A group of Julie Mehretu’s assistants discuss how they each bring different areas of expertise to the process of making paintings, from fine art backgrounds in printmaking and illustration to furniture polishing techniques and administrative skills.

Finalists for Painting position at Texas State

March 3, 2010

There are four finalists coming to Texas State Art and Design for the painting position, and the first two are this week. These talks should be very exciting and worth seeing. Questions can be addressed to Jeff at

The first finalist is Todd Hebert, whose talk is Thursday, March 4, at 12:30pm in room 2121. He will also have a time to meet with students at 4:00pm in the second floor lobby, in front of the gallery. Todd’s website is

The second finalist is Jonathan Faber, who will be visiting Friday, March 5. His general talk will be at 1:00pm in room 2121 of Art and Design. He will also have a time to meet with just students, at 4:30pm in the lobby of the second floor. Jonathan’s website is

I will post work by the other two finalists after Spring Break.


March 1, 2010

POLIS – ‘Distribution’ Poster

The purpose of POLIS is to promote the intellectual endeavors of students pursuing novel thought in multiform disciplines of study through the generation of a print publication and digital supplement. POLIS will serve as a speculation for those students inclined to assume graduate studies and intends the promotion of inclusively critical dialogue.

Undergraduate students from all universities are welcome to submit work exploring the topic “Distribution.”

More on grad school discussion

February 28, 2010

Hi everyone,

I and a few others in our class attended the FASA event at Caprice’s house last night, where a guest artist Shawn Camp gave a small talk about his work.  I found it interesting that like Daniel Dove, he really hammered on the importance of grad school to his development as an artist, calling it the second best decision of his life next to marrying his wife.  If I understood him correctly, he feels that grad school provides something of a buffer between the artist and the real world, allowing the artist to push his or her artistic exploration in a way that more practical real world concerns would render much more difficult if not nearly impossible.  Anyways, just thought I’d give a shot at reinvigorating this discussion.  Hope to hear your thoughts.


The Homeless Tramp of Bucharest

February 26, 2010

Post by Rocky
Ion Barladeanu was old, a nobody, a street urchin. Now he’s a successful artist.

“Now I feel like a prince,” says Barladeanu. “A pauper can become a prince. But he can go back to being a pauper too.”

The guests were chic, the bordeaux was sipped with elegant restraint and the hostess was suitably glamorous in a canary yellow cocktail dress. To an outside observer who made it past the soirée privée sign on the door of the Anne de Villepoix gallery on Thursday night, it would have seemed the quintessential Parisian art viewing.

Yet that would been leaving one crucial factor out of the equation: the man whose creations the crowd had come to see. In his black cowboy hat and pressed white collar, Ion Barladeanu looked every inch the established artist as he showed guests around the exhibition. But until 2007 no one had ever seen his work, and until mid-2008 he was living in the rubbish tip of a Bucharest tower block.

Rags to Riches – Read the rest of the article here.