Grad School or not?

February 11, 2010

Hi guys,

I was thinking about our discussion last class regarding grad school, and I wanted to get your thoughts. My memory might be failing me, but I remember Jeff saying that he didn’t necessarily feel grad school was all that essential in the path an artist, with the exception being if you want to teach at some point in the future.

That got me thinking about what Daniel Dove said in regards to the value of his grad school experience. He certianly went through hell, but he said that it was through those graduate critiques that he truly learned how to talk about art. And maybe I have this backwards, but I would venture to say that you cannot truly comprehend a thing until you know the language of it. This certianly seems true with foreign languages, math, science, etc. Do you all think the same is the case for art? Dove certianly doesn’t show off his undergraduate work on his website. I doubt many serious artists do.

I’m sure that with some effort, such growth and knowledge can be achieved outside of a classroom environment, but it seems to me that grad school would be very beneficial for forming an understanding of the language of art. So, I’m interested to know: how valuable do you guys think grad school might be to understanding the langiage of art, and how important you think the understanding of the lanugage is to the understanding of art itself and yourself as an artist?