Finalists for Painting position at Texas State

March 3, 2010

There are four finalists coming to Texas State Art and Design for the painting position, and the first two are this week. These talks should be very exciting and worth seeing. Questions can be addressed to Jeff at

The first finalist is Todd Hebert, whose talk is Thursday, March 4, at 12:30pm in room 2121. He will also have a time to meet with students at 4:00pm in the second floor lobby, in front of the gallery. Todd’s website is

The second finalist is Jonathan Faber, who will be visiting Friday, March 5. His general talk will be at 1:00pm in room 2121 of Art and Design. He will also have a time to meet with just students, at 4:30pm in the lobby of the second floor. Jonathan’s website is

I will post work by the other two finalists after Spring Break.


The Homeless Tramp of Bucharest

February 26, 2010

Post by Rocky
Ion Barladeanu was old, a nobody, a street urchin. Now he’s a successful artist.

“Now I feel like a prince,” says Barladeanu. “A pauper can become a prince. But he can go back to being a pauper too.”

The guests were chic, the bordeaux was sipped with elegant restraint and the hostess was suitably glamorous in a canary yellow cocktail dress. To an outside observer who made it past the soirée privée sign on the door of the Anne de Villepoix gallery on Thursday night, it would have seemed the quintessential Parisian art viewing.

Yet that would been leaving one crucial factor out of the equation: the man whose creations the crowd had come to see. In his black cowboy hat and pressed white collar, Ion Barladeanu looked every inch the established artist as he showed guests around the exhibition. But until 2007 no one had ever seen his work, and until mid-2008 he was living in the rubbish tip of a Bucharest tower block.

Rags to Riches – Read the rest of the article here.

Daniel Dove

February 17, 2010

Visit Texas State in February 2010. Loved it.

Daniel Dove – Visiting Artist Lecture and Discussion

February 16, 2010

via Shannon Gowen.

Hey guys, just thought I would give you my take from Daniel Dove’s visit to Texas State last week and perhaps a better understanding for those who did not attend.

Tubescapes, 2007. Daniel Dove

oil on canvas. 60″x84″.

Although some of Daniel Dove’s earlier works deal with chance, his latest paintings are highly controlled. Dove works from a variety of source material. This includes manipulated photography, 3D forms or models built through a program called FormZ, as well as real world models that he sets up in his studio. His work is developed from sketch to small painted versions of the actual piece. With all of these sources he is able to control every aspect and get exactly the look he is trying to recreate. Dove strongly believes with the idea of driving around with the “art eyes” on at all times.
Dove is attracted to things in the world that are what most would say is unattractive or generic. The collision of the idealism of what an image is an idea that is seen throughout his work. A series of his paintings focuses on playscapes and gives them an animated presence. He is attracted to them because it is an object that doesn’t age well.
For these pieces he first takes a photograph of the object because he might like the way it is lit. He will then go on to build the 3D model of the playscape, and later set up pipe objects to get the right color of plastic when it is lighted. The Focus on shadows of light of objects he sets up is meant to get the right lighting. He uses “color as a function of light”, rather than the other way around.

February 16, 2010

Walton Ford works in the style of a colonial-era nature illustrator, but there’s a sadness in his work that sets it apart.

See the work in situ: Walton Ford Flickr Stream
Read an interview with the artist: Walton Ford Interview

This is by far one of my favorites. Click the pic to blow it up. The birds are flying, fighting, fucking, feeding, you name it… on a tree that’s crashing to the ground. Major action.

February 11, 2010

Claire Morgan’s work is guttural. Check out these black birds crashing through matrices. Action!

Visit her website to see more.